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What is a mtDNA Haplogroup?

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is DNA that you specifically inherit from your mother. This means that your Maternal Heritage Report will examine a completely different set of DNA than what we examined for your Bio Geographical Ancestry Report.

Your BioGeographical Ancestry Report was created based on your Autosomes, which are your non-sex chromosomes (so, everything that isn’t an X or Y chromosomes).

In the mtDNA Test, we won’t be looking at your chromosomes at all!

Here’s what I mean:

The DNA sample you sent us for your Ancestry Test contained cells from the tissue of your cheek. Your chromosomes are in the nucleus of those cells. Think of the nucleus as the “brain” of your cells.

Your mtDNA exists outside the nucleus of your cells, or outside the “brain” of your cells. Still in the body, but outside the brain. Your mtDNA is special because it comes directly from your mother.

This mtDNA remains largely unchanged from mother to child over hundreds of generations, which allows us to trace exactly where you come from on your mother’s side of your family.

So why should you purchase a Maternal Heritage Report?

The biggest reason is because the mtDNA Haplogroup Report traces your direct maternal ancestry, from your mother up to your great great great great grandmother and beyond.

Your mtDNA Haplogroup Report will detail exactly how your ancestors who carried the same genes you inherited from your mother migrated throughout human history and will include interesting facts about the civilizations you are descended from.

We’re able to do this because your mtDNA remains mostly unchanged when it gets passed from generation to generation. This means that you have virtually the same mtDNA as your great great great great grandmother!

Thanks to the uniqueness of your family’s mtDNA, your report will even contain the names and bios of famous people throughout history who are in the same Haplogroup (which means you have the same mtDNA as them)! This list may even include modern-day celebrities.

Oh—and the mtDNA test can be taken by both men and women. EVERYONE gets mtDNA from their mother, so there are NO gender restrictions.

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